That’s right, CMAC has been going for a decade and what a decade it’s been.  From humble beginnings, our team has grown and flourished but never lost sight of what it is that we wanted to achieve.  And that was to provide a first-class service to both our customers and our suppliers, one never being more important than the other.  Over ten years we are proud to say that most of our very first customers and suppliers are still with us and enjoy being part of the larger CMAC family.  

So what does the next ten years hold?  It’s about building on what we already have in place whilst maintaining our consistently high standards of operation.  It’s about keeping our loyal customers and suppliers happy whilst reaching out to new ones all the time.  And perhaps most importantly, it’s about keeping our team here happy, because without the dedication of our staff who often work late into the night, sharing pizza and a gritty determination to succeed, we wouldn’t have lasted ten weeks, let alone ten years!