CMAC exhibited at the Business Travel Show in Olympia.  Here’s what our Business Development Consultant Paul Hayes, had to say about the event:

What a fantastic show, exhausting, but fantastic! I’m pretty sure I didn't sit down for two days straight, or at least my feet think so!

I'd like to say a huge thank you to our existing clients who called in to see us as well as all the new contacts who either pre-booked meetings or just took time to visit our stand, I hope we get the chance to work with many of them in future as the discussions we had were so engaging.

 From the many discussions we had at our stand, its apparent that many companies are now focusing on ground transport and how it sits within a travel policy in regards to the safety and security of their travellers.

As well as managing spend and service measures, the safety of travellers whilst using taxi services is more important than ever.

With the ability to flag a cab, hail an Uber or just use a local private hire, travellers have multiple options to travel by taxi…none of which are managed i.e. their company has little idea where they are, only that they are on route to an airport / hotel / meeting.

 Tracking of travellers whilst they are actually in a taxi is now possible and with the tools CMAC has in place with our suppliers this is something we can now provide, giving travel managers control over their ground transport programme, which was a great reassurance to the travel and procurement managers who we spoke to over both days. I’m really looking forward to working with new clients over the coming months to add value to their programmes.

 As the pain in my feet diminishes I’m already looking forward to the next show!